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Team Spotlight

Virgil Reeder

Virgil Reeder
Account Manager

We are committed to having experts ready to partner with you in maintaining and managing your healthcare equipment. We are pleased to introduce you to Virgil Reeder from our Florida branch. Virgil has decades of experience in the medical field, 10 of which are in healthcare equipment maintenance.

As a former account manager for Great American Insurance, Virgil has in-depth experience working with a variety of medical equipment manufacturers, including GE, Toshiba, Phillips and Siemens. Beyond his knowledge of equipment, he has an extensive network of independent service providers to tap into for service or parts replacement.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is key in the Healthcare industry, and Virgil is keenly aware of how important this aspect of equipment maintenance is for our clients.

“Because the FDA has requirements for OEM-required preventative maintenance, we make sure that our clients are on track and avoid penalties for non-compliance,” Virgil said.

Another important factor that Virgil is skilled at is assisting clients on minimal downtime for their equipment. Virgil’s current clients are scattered around the country and he stays in close contact to ensure great customer service. Virgil also spends time educating his clients on how they can better manage their equipment maintenance.

“I really enjoy solving clients’ problems or even better, preventing things from ever becoming a problem,” said Virgil.

Working in the ever-changing world of healthcare comes with many challenges, but that is one aspect of the job that Virgil enjoys.

According to Virgil, “I enjoy working with hospitals and introducing them to different ways they can do things.  Because of our business model, clients almost always see cost savings. That’s one of my favorite parts of my role! I love showing clients the money we’ve saved them on equipment maintenance.”

Linda Schwirtz
Operations Specialist

When you operate under an Equips agreement, one key advantage is that you are connected with some of the best people in equipment management. Meet Linda Schwirtz, Operations Specialist.

Linda has spent the better part of her career helping healthcare clients navigate the complexities of managing and maintaining their equipment. Prior to joining Equips, Linda served as an Account Manager whose clients included university labs and hospitals. She was tasked with reviewing equipment coverage and facilitating service events.

She is excited to put this experience to work for Equips’ clients in the healthcare industry. She understands how critical it is to minimize downtime and has a deep understanding of the costs related to equipment breakdowns.

“In a medical environment, time is money, so ensuring service events are handled efficiently and staying on top of necessary preventative maintenance is something I know is very important to our healthcare clients,” she said.

Linda’s knowledge of the third-party vendors and her established relationships can result in cost-savings on replacement parts that are passed onto our clients.

“Higher-end parts, like glassware can really be costly. I enjoy finding high-quality third-party vendors who can provide those items and save our clients’ money,” Linda said.

The entire Equips team is dedicated to serving our clients and working on their behalf to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Linda is a perfect example of this focus.

“The best part of my job is building relationships with our clients. The healthcare industry changes and shifts rapidly and I see it as my responsibility to help clients navigate those waters,” she said.