We Keep Equipment Maintenance Off Your “To Do” List

You’ve invested time and money in your talented staff. The last thing you want is them to spend their time on managing the maintenance of your equipment. Our expert consultants complete an in depth analysis of your equipment, service contracts, and processes. Armed with that information, we provide you solutions to streamline the equipment maintenance process and save you money to boot.

You keep the focus on your core business and trust Equips to keep your equipment running.

Connecting you to our expertise with our online, single solution platform for managing your equipment maintenance.

An unbiased voice offering
an equipment management
and maintenance strategy to support
your business goals.

Realize savings of 12-20%.
Experience increased efficiency and streamlined management of your
equipment maintenance.


Our Focus is 100% on Equipment Maintenance

Financial Industry

Our solution is the perfect balance of expertise and technology, with the advantage of having one agreement for all your maintenance contracts.

Financial Equipment Managed

HealthCare Industry

We offer proactive management to support the uptime of your equipment, along with a streamlined process for requesting and tracking maintenance requests.

HealthCare Equipment Managed

The Numbers

We Have More Than 100 Years of Aggregate Experience
Vendor Relationships
Service Events Processed Per Year
States with Active Clients

E-LINK Training

Equips offers several branch training sessions each month for new users and those looking for a refresher.

Each session is less than 30 minutes and held via GoToWebinar.

For a complete schedule of upcoming E-LINK training sessions click on the button below, select the date/time and fill out a simple registration form.

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